Coastal NC Residence

This house, currently under construction, is located on an 18-acre site just a few blocks off the Pamlico River, near Washington, NC. The house was designed with a wood pile foundation, with the first floor located above the design flood elevation. The house will have several energy conservation features, including a south-facing orientation with sufficient roof overhang to control the solar angles during warm and cool seasons, solar panels on the roof, structural insulated panels for continuous insulation, and high R-value windows. The house will have a large, open main living area with a high, vaulted ceiling and large window openings at the northeast corner. These openings are made possible through use of parallel strand lumber (PSL) beams and girders. The windows attach to the outside of the wood frame onto structural insulated panels, leaving the wood beams fully exposed on the interior.  A second level is open to the main living area and the hallway below. High windows along the upper south wall will bring light in to the first floor through the hallway floor opening. On the exterior, the large window openings at the main living area are contrasted with smaller windows of varying locations, shapes, and sizes. 

Washington, NC

4601 Lake Boone Trail, Suite 2H

Raleigh, NC 27607

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