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Raleigh, NC 27607

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EA Studio Architecture + Interiors, PLLC

This existing 1930’s rustic-style building is currently being redeveloped to become multi-family housing.  Originally constructed for use as a public school, the existing building is now listed on the National Register.of Historic Places.  The building consists of solid stone exterior walls and foundation, with wood framing on the interior.  The existing classroom and gym spaces are now being convereted to resident apartments.  In addition to providing the schematic layout and detailed design for the new spaces, EA Studio has also assisted the developer with various challenges to the building’s redevelopment, including site, zoning, and building code issues.  

The renovated building will consist of 16 apartments.  The units that are to be located in former gym and stage areas will have mezzanine levels.  The new interiors are to maintain an aesthetic reminiscent of the building’s early history. 


Cornerstone Apartments

Mars Hill, NC