Davis & Pyle Plastic Surgery

Raleigh, NC

4601 Lake Boone Trail, Suite 2H

Raleigh, NC 27607

(919) 782.2272

EA Studio Architecture + Interiors, PLLC

2013 & 2020

EA Studio has assisted Davis & Pyle (now Amelia Aesthetics) with several renovations.  In 2013, a 3,400 s.f. renovation to their main 3rd floor office increased the size of their suite and provided new doctor offices, exam rooms, and a break room. An expansion into the adjacent tenant’s space required a creative use of phasing during the project planning stages.  Completed in 2020 is a 3,200 s.f. renovation to their main office suite. This provides additional exam rooms and offices, and a new waiting room and reception area with a glass wall entrance.  This renovation combines the main with the company's existing Med Spa.  The construction occurred in multiple phases.  In 2019, EA Studio also assisted Davis & Pyle with improvements to their surgery suite.  This involved a 1,000 s.f. renovation, which provided additional waiting room, administration, and storage space.